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Original vs Compatible Screens For iPhone: 
Whilst we'd prefer to only fit OEM and original parts, replacement OEM screens can be expensive to buy, and not within everyone's budget. 

Whilst most repair centres will only offer copy screens; and Apple only offer original screens; we like to give our customers the choice. Both options are of equal value. Read more here.

Accidental Damage Cover For iPhone:
Dropping your phone and having to pay to get your screen repaired once is bad enough, but having to get it repaired again a few weeks later is a real kick in the teeth.

Our unique policy protects serial droppers! Purchase 3, 6 or 12 months cover after getting your screen repaired to protect yourself against up to 3 more instances of accidental damage! Cover currently starts from £5.00 for 3 months, £15.00 for 6 months and £25.00 for 12 months - just £2.08 per month! Read more here

Loan Phone Service: 
Being without your phone is a nuisance. Not everyone can afford to be without their device for an extended period of time. 
We offer a loan phone service, where you can hire a phone from us whilst yours is in for repair! Read more about this service here.

Out Of Hours Repairs:
Our repair centre can't be open 24/7, but our customers can't always get to us during our opening times. 

Getting your phone repaired is often a high priority. That's why we offer an appointment service that allows you to book a time slot outside of our opening times! 
Read more and request an appointment here.
You can of course book an appointment during our opening times too. 

Collection & Return
Local customers - Get your phone repaired within an hour, without having to leave your house or the office!

Read more and request collection/return here.

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