FAQs: About Us

What do you sell?
We sell Premium Pre-loved Mobile Phones and all relevant Accessories. We also Repair & Service mobile phones & tablets.

Why should I use your services?
We are an experienced team that works hard to meet the needs of our customers. Our products and services carry a warranty and are of proven quality. Our devices are of premium quality and thoroughly tested prior to being sent out.
Time & time again we see phones that have been previously repaired by other repair centres that have missing components and non-genuine parts fitted.

About Us

     FAQs: Our Store

Do you have a shop?
Yes we do. We are based in Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, Portishead. If you are local you can visit our store. For more information see About Us.

What can you do in store?
We repair & service phones & tablets as well as sell them. We sell accessories and can help out with a range of technology services.

     FAQs: Buying a Phone

What condition will my phone be in?
Our grading system defines the cosmetic appearance of the device and is as follows:
Brand New - The device has never been used before.
Grade A - The device is like new, meaning it is pre-owned but has been refurbished with new front and back panels so it is effectively like new.
Grade B - The device shows some minor signs of use. This may include some light scratches and scuffs on the screen and back as well as around the mid-frame.
Grade C - The device shows moderate to heavy signs of use. This may include scratches and scuffs on the screen and back as well as around the mid-frame; but no cracks or performance issues. More on Grading Here.
All of our used & refurbished iPhones, iPads & Devices are graded.

What does the phone come with?
The minimum you will receive is an accompanying USB cable, but you will be given the option to receive your phone with additional accessories. Alternatively you can purchase accompanying items in Accessories. New devices are factory sealed with their original accessories. 

Is the phone tested?
Yes. Our 36 point test check list assures that our refurbished products are in perfect working order before they are sent out to you. It is then reset to factory settings.

Can I use my SIM card in one of your phones?
Of course. Unless otherwise specified, all of our devices are SIM-Free meaning you can insert your SIM and proceed to use your new device. Alternatively you can purchase a SIM card from us. See Accessories.

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

What to expect?

     FAQs: Delivery & Logistics 

How are phones delivered?
With use of one of our couriers, phones are sent out for next day delivery, free of charge.

How do I send in a device for repair?
Purchase the repair on the site, and you will receive email confirmation. See how to send us the device here.

What countries can you ship to?
We sell in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Poland.

When will I receive my order?
If you place an order early in the day (before 3PM) Monday-Friday, your item(s) will be sent out same day. If you place your order a little later it will be sent out the following working day. You will receive order confirmation followed by dispatch confirmation. From here you will receive your order next working day.

How much will it cost?
Our Next Day Delivery service is free of charge.

Who delivers my order?
Expect to receive your pre-loved device or accessory via one of our trusted couriers; UPS or Royal Mail.

     FAQs Repair & Services

How long do repairs take?
We stock most parts and carry out a same-day service. For those wishing to visit out repair centre, most repairs can be completed within the hour.

Can you repair tablets & laptops?
Yes, contact us for a quote.

Do you use genuine parts in repairs?
Only genuine parts. We are an itechnician approved repair centre. Quality Parts and skilful engineers ensure a successful repair.

How do I send my phone to you for repair?
Purchase a repair from us here. Print and complete this form.

Do you offer software services?
We offer a range of services including but not limited to unlocking, flashing & data transfer.

Can I sell my phone to you?
Absolutely. Talkback Comms is an iBuyBack approved centre. We pay more on average than the other top mobile recyclers. See Sell a Phone for a quote.

     FAQs: Warranty

How long is my warranty?
On New iPhones & iPads - 12 Month Apple Warranty. (You can take your device to your nearest Apple store if you have any issues) 
On Phones and Pre-owned Devices – 6 months as standard with a 12 month extended warranty option (+£25)

On Repairs – 3 month/90 day warranty, excluding microchip & liquid damage repairs.

What does my warranty cover?
For more information on Apple Warranty for new iPhones & iPads, please see the Apple website.
On Phones & Pre-owned Devices - This product carries a warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects and faults, in which case, the phone will be either repaired or replaced immediately.

The warranty is voided only if the item has been physically damaged or liquid damaged.
If you have any queries, then please Contact Us.
On Repairs - The warranty is based on the part(s) replaced only. A faulty or defective part will be replaced by us within the 90 day period, provided the phone has not been physically damage or liquid damaged. In which case the warranty is voided.

     FAQs: Other

Are prices inclusive of VAT?
All prices are as they appear. Repair prices include VAT & fitting. All pre-owned devices are free of VAT; based on the margin scheme.

Can I create an account?
Yes. You will have the option to create an account or checkout as a guest before finalising a purchase

How do I pay?
You can pay through PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.